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Always there for the people

Arta Feng Shui RomaniaArta Feng Shui Romania  is a consultancy and research cabinet regarding the traditional Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and I Ching. This cabinet has been established in 2006, in Bucharest, Romania.

The principal activities of the Arta Feng Shui Romania

In the past years, since 2006, we have done over 180 consultancies and astrological analyzes. We have helped many clients to understand themselves, to develop their own lives and to bring positivism in their homes. Day by day we provide Feng Shui consultancy and astrological counseling. Our mission is to check and research the places energies where people live and work. We analyze and study the energetic conflicts of a space, person, couple or family, and then we provide remedies for establishing the needed harmony.

What does Arta Feng Shui Romania represents?

Feng Shui Art Romania represents people who wish to help other people in their delicate moments, when some actually need help. When can you help a person? You can help someone when the person actually needs it. Are you going to give someone a fish or a rod? How else can you help someone? You can show someone how to amplify luck, joy, home harmony, work atmosphere and also by telling someone how to be happy when working for your own business. Arta Feng Shui Romania also represents the place where we learn how to evolve morally, spiritually and emotionally. Here is the place where there are courses kept, conferences sustained, but also seminars and workshops. Here is the place where knowledge, what you truly are and how well you know how to do what you know are the most important things. Arta Feng Shui Romania represents the place for your personal development, because we address to people, not things.

What makes Arta Feng Shui Romania different:

– The joy we have when offering help to those who look for us -the honesty of being ourselves even if not everybody agrees -Faith. We help with all our heart, soul and passion -the honest desire for people to be well and to succeed -the projects we develop. We have initiated two persona developing programs for young people and adults -The master work from the complementary therapies. We have introduced for the first time in the superior education in Romania the unique master work from the traditional Feng Shui, as a form of educating young people

Who is Arta Feng Shui Romania?

Arta Feng Shui Romania is being established by Valentina and Florian Ciupitu. Find out interesting information in the Consultants and trainers section.

What do Arta Feng Shui Romania proposes?

We want to treat every client as we wished we were treated if we were the clients. The biggest joy We are satisfied when people remember us. We wish you to evolve and obtain your own fulfillment in a harmonic world.  – Arta Feng Shui Romania