Arranging the baby’s bedroom is the objective of any parent, in order to assure the children a peaceful, creative and shielding environment. It’s the place that children love the most, because they’re away from the parent’s eyes and they are able to create their own universe. In the bedroom they play, do homework, sleep, watch TV, use the computer. All energies are taken by them.

Analysis of the children’s bedroom

Considering that kids stay more than one hour in this space, the room must be analyzed from the traditional Feng Shui point of view. There are no exceptions, because this art is based on rules and principles very well established. Their appliance must be done in a proper way, so there are several rules with a general character that must be established.

How do we arrange the furniture?

In terms of furniture, use only the one you actually need and take into consideration rules of common sense, meaning the result must provide harmony and stability. Try and find a balance between the pieces of the furniture. It’s indicated for these to have as few corners as possible. The center of the room must be empty. You must think about the energy that enters the room: it must be a positive one and you must let it circulate in a free way, without any obstacles. In order to get a good, restful sleep an expert advice is needed when considering how to arrange your bed. In general, avoid putting furniture pieces above the kid’s bed. It’s ideal for the natural light to be able to enter the room all day long. Artificial light is not that good and you must not use it too much.

Using colors

When choosing colors, you must be careful, because there has to be a balance between the energies that circulate and those that ‘stay’ in the walls. Also, these colors are harmonized according to the characteristic color of the child, which has been analyzed from the traditional Feng Shui point of view.

Arranging the room

Essentially, in the room you put things that remember the child about happy events and moments. During the night hours, a diffused light should be maintained, without creating shadows. You must always clean and ventilate the room. When evaluating the bedroom you must be aware of the people’s influences, of the environment and direction of the room. Also you must take into consideration the date when the house was built.

Don’t forget

If any of the four mentioned elements is eliminated, this thing will lead to more than a new design.