2012 Feng Shui reveals that the bump between Dragon and Dog is a serious one, because it is displayed between Earth elements. This bump will generate strong disasters, caused by Earth, such as earthquakes, landslides or building collapses.
Also, people who were born in the Dog’s Year will need to be extremely attentive in 2012 and they should take some extra security measures related to work. 2012 Feng Shui encourages these people to carry on a pendant representing a Cock, which will help them attract the Dragon and this way to minimize the negative influence of the bump.

Anyway, those who were born in the Dog’s Year will experiment a much more turbulent year, with many transfers, journeys and exchanges. It is appropriate for them to get involved in such transfers, as those related to home or job. Journeys are also good, but people born in the Dog’s Year should stay away from areas close to mountains or those with earthquake risks, as well as they need to stay away from beaches and desserts.

If the Water is not a fortunate element for you, then you should also stay away from the ocean in December, when the element Water is the strongest. 2012 Feng Shui shows that those born in the Dog’s Year should also stay away from journeys to the South-East, because this is the Rate’s Sea direction in 2012. As much as possible, it is recommended by 2012 Feng Shui that people born in the Dog’s Year to reduce activities which include high speed.

Dragon is an animal that self-punishes, as the 2012 Feng Shui can reveal and not only. This means that the Dragon’s Year has a punishment connection for those who were born in its year. Such punishments hide danger and are able to cause a lack of harmony, concerns or not known illnesses. People born in Dragon’s Year should also wear a Cock pendant, as the 2012 Feng Shui encourages, in order to minimize the punishment this year.

The five-base elements represent different parts of our body, as the 2012 Feng Shui can show. Water, in general, is associated to kidneys, immune system, sexual organs and urinary system. That is why health issues that take place this year will probably be related to these. Earth Dragon is related to cells, muscles and stomach. An excessive quantity of Earth may be the cause of cancer. Both elements – Water and Earth – reduce Fire, which symbolizes blood circulation and heart. These types of health issues will be more severe in 2012. It is important for you to consume more CO Q10 and anti-oxidants as a caution measure, as the 2012 Feng Shui encourages.