I Ching or the Book of Changes is one of the most important cultural treasures from the human being’s history. It’s a way of divination that uses a whole system of trigrams and hexagrams, a foresight system. I Ching has a deep influence of Feng Shui and on The four pillars of the destinyand it’s able to give exact and detailed answers in order to clarify any doubt or insecurity. This system gives answers to questions that the Feng Shui art and The Four pillars of the the destiny cannot answer.

What does I Ching study?

If Feng Shui handles the study of our homes and The four pillars give us information on people, starting from the birthday, then I Ching is a system which predicts the future. It teaches us not how to do things, but allows assuming the future. With its help you can enter the time’s tunnel and see the future, but instead I Ching doesn’t give any advice or recommendation. You cannot change the future through I Ching. I Ching presents us the image of the things that will occur in the future, so it’s an important element to complete a Feng Shui analysis and help with the logical deductions of the four pillars of the destiny.