The Chinese calendar uses a sixty-year cycle. This means that the last year when the Water was above Dragon is 1952. This is the year when the Korean War was in a standstill, after it began in 1950.
In November 1952, the new elected president Eisenhower visited Korea and has searched different ways to shut this war down, being ready to negotiate a truce. The Cold War continued with even more tests for nuclear arms, leaded by USA and in February, England announced their country owned an atomic bomb.
Also, there were a few serious natural disasters in 1952. Besides the two major earthquakes in California and USSR, there were also disasters caused by water, like important floods or serious events on the sea.
A serious earthquake took place in the 4th of November, 1952 in Kamchatka, USSR, which caused an important tsunami that went until Hawaii.
In March, same year, it was registered the biggest water quantity fallen in only one day, in Cialo Reunion.
In April, seventy-eight (PESCADRILE?) and five Norwegian fishing boats have disappeared without track.
In December, a killer fog was reported in London.
In January 1953, which is also Dragon’s Year in the Chinese calendar, there was a flood caused by the North Sea, after it killed 1835 people in the south of Holland. 307 people died in England and other 133 got lost in the Irish Sea, once the ferry named Princess Victoria got sunk.
There are other mysteries too, as reporting the apparition of some UFO’s above Washington city. In July, 58.000 cases of (POLIOMELITA?) were reported in the USA. Such events seem to fit perfectly to the conflict’s nature between Water and Dragon, but at a smaller scale, disasters caused by water and earthquakes, as it has been shown above. There were reported appearances of the UFOs in 1952 and about the killing fog in London. Such mysterious events can be associated to the Dragon – the opening of Heaven’s Gates.

The Dragon is a strong Earth element, which is also represented as a water container. I’ve mentioned before that this is a strong quality of the Earth and as usually, it attracts strong earthquakes or disasters caused by the Earth, such as building collapse, mines, landslides or avalanche.

Being a water container, it can disjoint massive quantities of water, especially when it is against Dog or when it forms a big water circle with the Monkey or the Rat. Therefore, the Dragon’s Year under Water is a potential danger considering serious floods and also tsunami.

The main quality of the Water- Dragon’s Year is that Water is a generous element and also a strong force that can lead to progress and social changes. That is why this year, according to the 2012 Feng Shui will be an energetic year, with new moves and changes, politic reform and social organization.

Also, there can be generous donations for charitable aims and for the well-being of the community. 2012 is, at the same time, an election’s year. There will be presidential elections in the USA, Russia, Taiwan, France and India, but also elections for the Head Executive in Hong King. Such elections offer, as well, a way to reach progress, changes and courageous reforms.
Therefore, according to history and to 2012 Feng Shui foresights, this year will be full of all kinds of events. Even if not everything will be perfect, it is important we learn from the past and apply the experience others had in order to build a nice future. 2012 Feng Shui show diversity and movement, transition and changes. That is why we all need to be prepared.