The front door encourages the chi energy and gives the attitude you own towards life. Day by day we leave and enter the house, but we don’t pay too much attention to this thing, until the neighbor brings a change related to his door. Instead, we see other’s doors.
Through the way the front door looks like we can create negative or positive energy (a bell that doesn’t work, a broken doorjamb, undefined color, dirty press, broken doorknobs) etc.
The front door is important because this way the chi energy enters the house.

Rules about when you build a house:

-the front door must be opened in the inside, not outside. Doors that open outside do not encourage the chi energy to enter the house
-the door must be well proportioned with the dimension of the house (if it’s too big, then you lose energy and you’ll be into financial troubles. If the door’s too small then it’s an obstacle for the chi energy entering the house and creates anxiety and apathy)
-the door doesn’t have to be on the same line with a back door. You won’t be able to save money, because putting the 2 doors on the same line will lead to the chi energy leaving the house too soon.
-it is recommended for you to have stairs in from of the entrance door. You’ll feel more safe that way.
-the front door doesn’t have to under the street’s level. If you’ll do that, then you’ll be feeling restless and trapped
-the entrance hall must be or look like it’s large. The interior must full of light in order to encourage the chi energy.
-the bathroom doesn’t have to been when you open the front door. The family’s welfare will step away and lead to poverty.
If you respect all these rules, then you’ll fully benefit from the energy that enters your house.