Promoting the Feng Shui art

The most important type of promotion for Feng Shui is to promote it in an educational system, such as the form of education. That is why has been realized the Master’s work called “Feng Shui-Art of communicating change”, sustained and presented at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relationships from the S.N.S.P.A.

Promoting the Feng Shui art in the media

June, 2006
“Meeting Rendez-vous” at Tele7 ABC, a show presented by Mirela Dobre and Serban Diaconescu, where Valentina Ciupitu talked about the traditional Feng Shui concept.
September, 2007
In the “Tea with Romania” show, from Radio Lynx, Vanda Florea has invited Valentina and Florian Ciupitu, where they talk about Feng Shui concept in Romania
December, 2008
On the Romatica Tv Channel, Valentina Ciupitu analyses the houses of the Romanian stars regarding the Feng Shui domain.
February, 2010
“What’s going on, doctor?” on ProTV. In the show named “Feng Shui in the kitchen”, Valentina and Florian Ciupitu have presented the way the feng shui principles apply.
February, 2011
Another moment when the Feng Shui comes in the media is when Diana Floariana Cosmin, from the Forbes, Romania, presents in this magazine an important story about the Feng Shui Art Romania’s office and also the point of view belonging to the Feng Shui consultant Florian Ciupitu.
‘’Behind all this there are tens of calculations based on the measurements made with Lo Pan, the Feng Shui compass. “What cannot be seen doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist”, also concludes Florian Ciupitu, a specialist in the Feng Shui art, who trained at the master Raymond Lo’s school.
The results of such changes do not concern magic, but they simply represent the energetic opening towards certain opportunities and towards attracting the appropriate people’’.

Feng Shui in the media: articles in magazines

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