This is the most popular Chinese astrology school. If in other branches of the divination we must create complicated horoscopes, this method translates the dates – year, month, day, hour – in a pair of Chinese numeric characters, called pillars.

丙    戌    庚    己 子    巳    亥    卯

Just by writing the 8 characters, a professional can describe a person by telling things about this one’s character, behavior, family, social relationships, potential, achievements, physical and health. From the 4 pillars we can also deduct other character pairs which can describe the destiny of a person. Therefore, you can tell things about this person’s look, perspectives and situations, as if you read these things in a book. You can also predict achievements, potential failure, marriage, etc. The limits of this mysterious technique aren’t yet known.

What is the value of this system?

The value of this system is given by efficiency and precision, but especially by an intelligent interpretation which can provide clues about a healthy and harmonious way of life. This method is nor a riddle or magic. It represents the method of obtaining information in order to help us live a harmonious and balanced life. In the first place, this method’s role is to help a person achieve better self-understanding and things related to: -personality, qualities -relationships with people around us -potential and chances -choosing wisely a career -making the right decisions when the time comes We must notify that we’re talking about a fascinating method due to its clarity and accuracy, meaning two things that help defining the human behavior. Metafizica Chineza – Ba Zi Ceea ce vedeti in imagine reprezinta o harta Ba Zi, folosind data nasterii unei persoane. Ba Zi inseamna 8 caractere, adica cele 8 ideograme chinezesti si reprezinta termenul sub care se regaseste in textele traditionale. In Occident Ba Zi este cunoscut sub denumirea ,,Cele 4 Coloane ale Destinului”. Descifrarea destinului ste cea mai populara scoala de astrologie chineza. Daca in alte ramuri ale divinatiei, trebuie sa creem horoscoape complicate, aceasta metoda traduce cele patru date – an, luna, zi, ora – intr-o pereche de caractere ,,numerice” chinezesti, numita coloane. Ba Zi Chartrin simpla scrierea celor 8 caractere, un profesionist poate descrie o persoana, in ceea ce priveste caracterul, comportamentul, familia, relatiile sociale, potentialul si realizarile, fizicul, sanatatea etc.   Din cele 4 coloane se pot deduce si alte perechi de caractere care sa descrie soarta persoanei. Se pot descrie de asemenea, infatisarea, perspectivele si situatia unei persoane, asa cum ai citi o carte. Pot fi prezise realizari, esecuri potentiale, casnicia etc. Limitele acestei tehnici misterioase nu sunt cunoscute inca. In ce consta valoarea acestui sistem? Valoarea sa sta in eficienta si precizie, dar mai ales in interpretarea inteligenta care poate furniza indicii pentru un mod de viata armonios si echilibrat. Aceasta metoda nu este o ghicitoare si nici magie. El reprezinta posibilitatea de a obtine informatii care sa ne ajuta sa traim o viata armonioasa si echilibrata. Ea are in primul rand rolul de a ajuta persoana sa se inteleaga mai bine pe ea: – personalitatea, calitatile – relatiile cu oamenii din jurul vostru – potentialul si sansele de care dispune – modalitati de actiune prezente si viitoare – alegerea inteleapta a carierei – luarea deciziilor corecte in momente oportune   Este o metoda fascinanta, datorita logicii ei clare si a acuratetii cu care defineste comportamentul uman.