Initiation in the traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Essential elements and base notions.

10 introductive lessons. Feng Shui – a base for everyone to understand

You must have heard about Feng Shui. It’s a fascinating way of life that you can also understand and apply in the day by day life. We know you like Feng Shui and that you want to know more about it. We know you have faith, patience and the energy that takes in order to understand this life philosophy. Feng Shui it’s not difficult, but there are some notions that might be new for you.

The Feng Shui alphabet

The information in this Feng Shui course represents the Feng Shui alphabet. It helps you ‘read’ Feng Shui and shows you how to practice it correctly. Because this is a Feng Shui course when you have a lecturer, consider you are in the primary school considering this domain. Your next step you be to go the high-school, meaning the Medium Feng Shui Course. Now, when you read these lines, maybe you are not yet used to Feng Shui, but you have certainly heard about it. It’s enough for now, because this Feng Shui Course offers you the base notions you need in order to understand Feng Shui. Once you understood these things, you can easily start learning and applying any method and the Feng Shui formula, from the easiest one up to the most advanced. Feng Shui course hours are taken in a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere and require a lot of patience. The information is being presented in a formula as for a beginner. During the Feng Shui course you will get many practical examples.

A short content for the Feng Shui training program

1. Knowledge on Feng Shui -big nature – Confucianism and Daoism – What does Feng Shui mean? – Essential elements -The Universe and the origins of the Feng Shui art -Discover the difference between clasic Feng shui and new age Feng Shui -Art or science? The opinion of a great master. -Myths, superstitions and symbolism 2. Discover the traditional Chinese Feng Shui -evolution of the Feng Shui concept -how does the Feng Shui act -how does the Feng Shui work in East and West -Your list of questions 3. Feng Shui schools and methods -different Feng Shui schools: San Yuen and San Ke -traditional Feng Shui school -understanding the principles and differences -school’s theories The magic Chi -the chi concept and the research object of Feng Shui -analysis concerning different significance of the energies -different importance according to the goals The duality Yin/Yang -the influence of yin and yang in the landscape – Yin and and Yang attributes. Struggle of opposites -Sharing and harmony – Yin/Yang and Feng Shui The 5th elements -the theory of the 5th elements and what are they associated with -3 relationship types -let’s learn together the base of conceiving all kinds of solutions and remedies The most important Feng Shui symbols – Ba Gua -Luo Shu square -7 key factors -recognition of the key factors and their field application The importance of the environment and it’s benefits -roads and water -mountains and buildings -orientation and directions Base notions belonging to the Ba Zhai school -the 8 houses -directions and energies -the effects of a home on those who live in it -favorable and unfavorable energies -dividing the house 10. Introduction in the Flying Stars School -space: the 24 mountains -time: the 3 cycles and 9 periods -period: 2004-2024 -fast and bad numbers -settlement’s star and the frontal star Time – 2 days Graduation: At the end participants will be graduation diplomas. Lecturer: Florian CIUPITU Organizer: Arta Feng Shui Romania. Individual Feng Shui course for beginners is organized only in Bucharest.