Fundamental Feng Shui principles. The school of Flying Stars
Congratulations! You have well graduated the Base Feng Shui course and now you’re at the next level from the study of art and traditional Feng Shui science.

In the medium Feng Shui course you learn the fundamental principles on which is based Feng Shui. These fundamental concepts help you apply the knowledge you learn during your training in this domain. Without thee you won’t be able to say you are a traditional Feng Shui consultant and you will only stick to the level of lover and connoisseur of the Feng Shui art. It’s not bad, but you can do much more.
After taking this course you will be able to apply what you have learned at the base Feng Shui course. There are new, fascinating notions, principles and life philosophies, together with application techniques that can help you think and analyze the environment where you live, work or rest, with the eyes of a future consultant.

Who is addressed to the medium Feng Shui course?

Who can register for this course?
-students who took the base Feng Shui course with the lecturers from Arta Feng Shui Romania
-students who took Feng Shui courses, other than those organized by Arta Feng Shui Romania
(Registration for the medium Feng Shui course for students who didn’t take the base Feng Shui course organized by A F S R is taken after a test)

Short content of the training program

The principle of principles

– Tao, the eternal principle of harmony
-Let’s admit Yin and Yang in the environment we’re in
-Yin characteristics
-Yang characteristic
-description and interpretation for landforms
-the most propitious place considering Feng Shui
2. The principle of the five elements Wu Xing

-properties of the five elements
-understanding and interpreting the relationships between them
-the base of conceiving all kinds of solutions
-the correspondents of the five elements

3. The principle of the 8 trigrams
– significance of trigrams
– Bagua family
– Xian Tian and Hou Tian configurations
4. The analysis of the environment
-let’s understand the landforms and the environment
-places with a good/bad Feng Shui
– association of the landforms with four creatures. Symbolism.
-protection of the four animals
-choosing a spot for a house
-mountains and buildings
-roads and water
5. The analysis of the sourroundings of a house

– house’s proportions
-what kind of field and house to pick
– landforms that influence our state
– poisoning arrows
6. The analysis for the interior of a house
– benefic and not so benefic houses
– sharing a house
– decorations

7. Advanced notions of the method “The 8 houses”
-the influence of directions
-the energy of the 8 directions
-let’s learn how to analyze a house
– how does the west or east group influences us
– the effects of the house on those who live in it
– determinating directions
– using the compass in Ba Zhai
– palaces, directions and elements in the method “The 8 houses”
– Comfortable and not so comfortable zones
8. Advanced notions of the Flying Star School
-the magical square
-space: the 24 mountains
-Luo Shu numver and number characteristics
-characteristics of the energies in different periods
-how to stars move and get distributed
-let’s learn how to build a diagram using the Flying Stars
-How to energies move in different periods
-how do stars influence our health, existence and relationships with others
Period – 3 days
Graduation: In the end there will be graduation diplomas
Lecturer Florian CIUPITU
Organizrer: Arta Feng Shui Romani. Medium and individual Feng Shui course is taken only in Bucharest.