Feng Shui Event

In the period 23-29 July, 2011, at Bucharest, great master Raymond Lo has sustained a new course of traditional Feng Shui. Since we’ve been at the opening of this course as disciples and graduates of the complete program of preparing in Chinese metaphysics sustained by the master, we’ve been honored to meet him again and discuss with him in 2011 too, as in the past years: 2010, 2009 and 2008.
In this respect, at the recommendation of the great master, expressed in a publicly during the opening of the courses, Arta Feng Shui Romania has started the meeting and discussions group named “SENS FENG SHUI”, as a continuity of the groups organized by Raymond Lo in Hong Kong in Singapore.

Why Feng Shui?

Sens Feng Shui wishes to be a meeting, a soiree, a harmonious and balanced ambience between all people who know Feng Shui in Romania. It’s a meeting of the positive chi energies.

The advantages of the meetings

We want to get out of the house and relax. By giving up for an hour at the virtual dialog and giving a chance to the face to face communication. We trade information for positive energy. We gather in only one place positive energies. It’s the place where ideas and initiatives can be born.

The purpose of the meetings

These meetings must be seen as a cultural event. They represent an urge towards study, discovery related to some principles that can make our life more beautiful and calmer. In the meanwhile, we’re talking about an open invitation to dialog and communication. It’s a meeting for people passionate by Chinese metaphysics.

Who can attend these meetings?

Only graduates of the Feng Shui courses from Romania and from abroad can attend these meetings. Beginners will be honored by the presence of consultants and practitioners with experience. They can share from their experience to those who want to learn more.

A chronic for the event

We want to transform the meetings into a big event. A chronic of each meeting will be posted on the website www.artafengshui.ro, where we will share about our pleasant experiences from these events.


Arta Feng Shui Romania organizes the first meeting and would like to invite you to this event. You can send your confirmation by using the following e-mail: descopera@artafengshui.ro .

Now we expect you to share opinions

You can send opinions, suggestions and proposals about Sens Feng Shui only through a click. This way your thoughts will get to us. Just use the Contact.
That’s it, for now. In a future article we will understand why we’re talking about “Sens Feng Shui”. And don’t forget…about opinions and suggestions!