No man has ever raised at the real height of a spiritual maturity until he hasn’t discover that it’s more noble to serve someone than to serve himself

You’ve probably heard about mediation. It’s the alternative solution for court processes in order to solve your conflicts. If you think about the profession of mediator, you’ll find in it, as well as in the profession of astrologist a sum of information and qualities that these two professionals have, probably more than in any other professions.

I entered the astrology era

I found myself in the Chinese astrology as well as others do find themselves in the western astrology. There is a bigger affinity for this branch thanks to the direct role that it plays in the relationships with human beings and also thanks to the implication in the dialogue with people.
In order to make an analysis, an astrologist needs a rich luggage of knowledge, meaning diverse information. If you have been endowed with the gift of loving people, then you must be feeling really lucky. Among the information you can offer, starting with just a few data, you stand out.
How many of you do not open the TV in the morning, before leaving for work or school in order to hear the horoscope? You must not confuse professional Chinese astrology to horoscope.

Orientation towards people is the key of success in astrology

The main advantage that you get when you decide to study deeply the Chinese astrology is that you get much more opportunities of talking to people:
-you can become a famous astrology teacher. You will sustain courses, seminars and conferences about astrology. Your charisma, gift of talking, listening and communicating will help you very much.
-you get to develop your trust. People will want to confess anytime, but you do not get to decide what and how much these people to tell you. If you become a trusty person, people will come to you. The biggest problem of people nowadays is that they aren’t being listened. Thanks to your astrologist abilities, people will come to talk to you.
-you get to transform yourself into an appreciated connoisseur of the human personality. When you even have the quality of feeling things, then your abilities multiply. In any domain you choose, but especially in the Chinese astrology, the most appreciated and cherished people are those who are preoccupied by the people’s life.

Always put people first

As an astrologist, you’ll have to find day by day ways of answering people’s questions. Everyday you’ll need to find ways to meet expectations, ways of crossing the expectations and delight people who trust you. The capacity of serving people will bring you a big satisfaction.