Chinese calendar, known as the Peasant’s Calendar or the Hsia Calendar is a system owning a fascinating accuracy which doesn’t only register the passing time, but it’s also known as a tool. That way, according to 2012 Feng Shui and to the Chinese calendar, people can make predictions about the future.
In the Hsia Calendar, the Dragon’s Year, meaning 2012 is symbolized through two elements, with the Water standing above the Earth. According to the birth and destruction’s cycle, which governs the relationship between elements, the Earth destroys Water. That way, these two elements are in a destructive cycle and have a relantionship conflict. All these things influence the 2012 Feng Shui art.

The destructive cycle is identical to the one from the Rabbit’s Year, 2011, when the Metal was placed above Wood. That was also an example of elements situated in a conflict. Such elements show that the year won’t be a peaceful one, as the 2012 Feng Shui reveals, and that there will be many international conflicts and scandals.

Still, in 2011, Metal could have symbolized a weapon or a knife, but this year, according to 2012 Feng Shui art, the Earth-Water conflict represents just a lack of harmony, with fewer warrior implications than in 2011. Yang Water from this year symbolizes the ocean, as the 2012 Feng Shui art shows. This means that we are talking about an element which refers to power, strength and strong energy. It may also represent the destructive force of the nature, like a tsunami, or may be the sign of social, political or economical changes.

Water is also a symbol for intelligence, courage, generosity and charity. If the energy is being guided in a positive way, it may lead to a quick peace between progress and reform. As the 2012 Feng Shui presents people, the Earth element under Water is a Dragon which is also considered as a water container.

Therefore, the two elements, Water above Dragon, according to 2012 Feng Shui, doesn’t represent a serious conflict, as in the past two years, when the Metal was above Wood. In general, we cannot expect total peace in 2012, but there won’t be so many violent battles and power strikes as in the Metal’s Year, meaning 2010 or as in the Wood’s year, meaning 2011. We can know for sure all these things thanks to the 2012 Feng Shui art.