In 2012, the Flying Feng Shui Star, number 6, which symbolizes Metal and respiratory organs, the father, Sky and law, is situated in the center, according to 2012 Feng Shui art. This central number often reflects a dominant concentration of events during the year. Therefore, we won’t be surprised if the 6th from 2012’s center will bring only epidemics, such as flu or viruses which will affect brain and respiratory organs. That is what 2012 Feng Shui reveals.

Six also represents law, government and the paternal figure of a father. 2012 Feng Shui shows that this year it is a choice’s year and that it will bring many changes in several governments of the world. This year there are elections in Taiwan, Russia, USA and other countries.

Regarding the Flying 2012 Feng Shui Stars, the current 20 year period, from 2004 until 2024 is so called Eight’s Period, and this number, 8 represents, according to 2012 Feng Shui the Trigrama of the Mountains. Also, the number 8 represents a symbol for children. Therefore, since we’ve started the Eights Period, in 2004, it looks like there are more disasters and mischance that affect children. Among the last events there are included the earthquake from China, in 2008, which killed several students or the disaster caused by the contamination with whole milk powder. The last one caused serious kidney illness for children. In 2011, the famous Iasemiti Revolution, which has brought serious changes in North Africa, the rebellion from UK and the young people’s massacre from Norway are all examples of troubles that occurred for young people in the Eight’s Period.
According to 2012 Feng Shui, number 8, which represents children, will always be in the center of the Flying Star’s diagram in these 20 years, starting with 2004 and ending with 2024. That’s why, as the 2012 Feng Shui also shows, it’s important for you to pay attention to children’s safety and security in the Eight’s period.

When thinking about economy, the Fire element is often the force that’s behind the share market. The fifth elements also affect emotional states for human being. Generally, as 2012 Feng Shui and not only reveals, Fire represents joy, Water represents fear, Earth represents meditation, Metal is related to sadness and Wood is the anger. Therefore, a Fire’s year is generally optimistic and the share market increases, as it happened in 2006 or 2007. Still, in 2008, the Water’s influence was obvious and people started fear the worst, as the recession from the USA.

In 2009 there was Earth on pure Earth, as we can see from the history of Feng Shui. Earth stops Water, which also symbolizes meditation. This means that people can get conservatory and take security measures in order to gain more stability.

In 2010, Tiger carried out the seed of Fire, so there was a substantial economical recovery with a strong optimism, starting with the spring’s season. There were a few small conflicts caused by the economic crisis in Greece and Portugal at the end of the spring, with the Fire that comes in Mai, but the share market had a strong moment, as the Feng Shui revealed before that.

In 2011, the Rabbit was pure Wood, but not being so strong in generating Fire as the Tiger is. Therefore, economy didn’t register such a quick move as in the Tiger’s Year, but it was also a summer guided by Fire. This element was sustained by Wood and the share-market could continue be vibrant and active in the first half of the year, meaning until August. In the fall, the lack of Fire made the share market register a regression.

2012 Feng Shui shows that this year people must pay attention to the regression of the share market due to the strong influence of Water. 2012 is Water and Earth’s year, and Fire is still missing, so that can mean that this year the share marked and economical activities won’t go too well.

As the 2012 Feng Shui shows, the strong Water creates fear and lack of optimism in 2012. These feelings will amplify in October and November. Economic crisis from some countries in Europe might increase. That way, the global economy and the share market will not be very profitable. Shareholders should consider caution measures, especially in the second half of the year, as the 2012 Feng Shui encourages.