Chinese Astrology, just like Feng Shui and I Ching is a branch of the Chinese divination. Beautiful, intense, complex, it hasn’t yet succeeded to become a well known job because of some self limiting beliefs that follow the idea: “I don’t believe it until I see it”. A small description in the divinatory’s art acceptance as a life philosophy existed in Romania in 2011, when the “Feng Shui-art of communicating change” work has been presented for the first time in the academic world. After the first Feng Shui course, that I considered difficult, I have discovered Chinese astrology. I started making research at a professional level when I knew I had understood and felt everything that could improve people’s life, along with their work.

Create your own philosophy about astrology

Art means soul. It’s your own belief and life philosophy. As well as Michelangelo saw and felt a human soul in a block of stone and marble, that’s how you can see and feel in astrology human souls. Art, no matter it’s about painting, music, rhetoric or astrology, needs more that desire. That is why anyone who wishes to study astrology must practice it at a superior level of understanding and practical application. This thing is being called talent. The diploma you get when you finish a course is not enough. The exam you actually take is in front of the people who ask you for help.

Dream big

These things don’t mean that you cannot practice astrology, Chinese or Western, only as a passion. You can do that very well, by fulfilling your personal development’s program that way. If an amateur feels astrology as something nice, interesting and useful for himself, then a professional feels it as something valuable that he needs to use in order to help other people.

Accept that things happen, even if you can’t ‘see’ that

If you’ll look for the job of astrologer, you won’t find it. This happens when considering Feng Shui consultants also. It’s not to talk anymore about the I Ching foresights. But all these I have mentioned actually exist and are being accepted and practiced. Why? That’s because they work and they actually “happen”.

For the moment, you can get knowledge and information about astrology by participating at private school’s courses. If it’s written for you to meet the right teacher, then everything is up to you and how good astrologer you want to become.