People want to know and understand certain things. Some want scientific arguments, with clear, palpable results and other understand them just like that. The need of explaining certain phenomenon has appeared in China, long time ago, when there was the emperor Fu His. Old Chinese people wanted to understand the world they were living in, including physical and astronomic phenomenon in a intuitive way and with amazing results.

The five elements

Second step in understanding the Universe and things that occur here is represented by the appearance of the five base elements. Wood, fire, earth, metal and water interact and create all the things and events. Their combination has as a result the appearance of some physical objects, but in the meanwhile they form forces and energies that stay behind all events and abstract things.

The presence of the five elements in our life

In the day by day life different things can be grouped according to the five elements. We can find, among many others, feelings, taste, seasons, cardinal points, etc.
Conclusion: the combination between the five elements gives birth to any element of life. Fundamental rules that are on the base of interaction between them are represented by the birth cycle and destruction cycle.

Practical Feng Shui

Feng Shui is based on interpreting the way these five elements interact in the physic environment in order to generate luck or bad luck. These elements are involved in two types of relationships: birth cycle and destruction cycle.
With help coming from the five elements there are many things, phenomenon, objects and feelings from the Universe that can be explained exactly as in the unitary theory of the field. Chinese metaphysics, where we also include traditional Feng Shui, I Ching, the method of the destiny’s four pillars and acupuncture have clear explanations. This thing occurs because Chinese metaphysics is based on the five elements. It is interesting that we can explain even many ideas related to common sense.