‘Best remedies are those that cannot be seen’ – Great Master Raymond Lo

What is a remedy?

A remedy is a way of balancing energies from a certain place, either we’re talking about a home, office or a field. If it was for us to find in medicine an equivalent for the word remedy from the feng shui domain, that would be medicine. Both do the same thing: balance a strange state either it’s about human body or a house’s body.

How can we know what remedy to use in certain situations?

The remedy is as medicine: it cannot be prescribed without a previous consultation. A traditional feng shui consultant takes into consideration the symptoms that the lodger of a space communicates, but a consultancy it’s also necessary. There are measurements made with a special magnetic compass and there are observations taken. The causes that have lead to the lack of energetic balance of the home must be known, in order to offer the best remedies. When talking about Feng Shui, the remedies are recommended only after a speciality consultation.

Best feng shui remedies

In the traditional feng shui analysis, the Feng Shui Art Consultancy Cabinet from Romania recommends its clients only natural remedies, obtained from nature. These remedies are based on the five feng shui elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. The element’s energies are very important, because these represent the essence that matters when combating successfully disasters and increasing chances.

Lillian Too about remedies:

‘Esoteric Chinese sciences RARELY recommends as remedies certain objects, symbols or products.’
,,Cele mai bune remedii sunt cele care nu se vad” – Marele Maestru Raymond Lo

Subiectul acestui articol este ,,Remedii din Feng Shui TRADITIONAL”. Facem aceasta precizare pentru a evita orice confuzie cu notiunea de remedii din Feng Shui-ul modern denumit si New Age.

Ce este un remediu Feng Shui?

Remediul este un mijloc de reechilibrare a energiilor dintr-un anumit spatiu, aflate in exces sau in  deficit intr-un sector sau altul al acestui spatiu.

Cum aplici remediile conform textelor vechi traditionale

D u p a   c e  a i  e p u i z a t  toate mijloacele pe care le ai la indemana si pe care le cunosti, doar atunci foloseste remediile celor 5 elementele.

Cand aplici remedii foloseste-le  doar pe cele  naturale. Energia se remediaza doar cu energie.

Ce spune Lillian Too despre remedii

,,Stiintele ezoterice chineze recomanda FOARTE RAR ca remedii anumite obiecte, simboluri sau produse”