Who tells you: count on me, I can save you from all bad things, I can cure your diseases, I can tell you the future, I can make you happy – is not telling the truth

- Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
You’re the winner – Chinese astrologic consultancy online
You’re the only person who can decide about your present and future. That is why you ask yourself questions, you look for a way, for an answer, for a direction: “Where to and what to do?” .
Congratulations! Congratulations for asking these questions! Congratulations for being here and wanting to find out the huge potential you have. Congratulations for the desire of a better life!
If you want to discover yourself, get to know you better, learn how to make your life more beautiful, Arta Feng Shui Romania offers you Chinese astrologic consultancy online.

About astrologic consultancy online

Who can use online consultancy – people who live outside Bucharest
What does the consultancy represent? – a direct communication between you and our consultants
How does the communication take place? – messenger, skype, by telephone
What method do we use for the destiny’s analysis – the Four Columns of the Destiny
What subjects can be discussed? – you can find details in the Astrology section
How long does astrological counseling session take? – mininum 40 minutes, maximum 80 minutes
How much does a session cost? – a forty minutes session – 80 Ron, an 80 minutes session – 140 Roni
When and how can you pay? – you make the payment before the counseling service take place and you can make it through bank or postal
*in order to pay, please ask for our company’s information. After you pay, you will send us by e-mail a confirmation message of the payment. The invoice and receipt for the payment you made will be sent to you by e-mail, fax or post.

When does the counseling session take place? – after you have paid you will get an e-mail with the day and hour when the online counseling session will take place
What kind of answers do you want? – if you want answers to be useful in life, complete the form below and think that this is a scientific analysis and not a riddle. Offer some useful information about yourself, about your life, profession, kids, etc. It’s very important for us that you provide us your birthday hour. If the details are very exact, the results of the analysis will be as well exact and the information you get will be clearer.
Do you know what kind of information you want to find out? The Four Columns of the Destiny section will help you.
We’re waiting for you with wide open arms!
For further information, please contact us by using the telephone numbers: 076 00 11 988 or 021/310 92 88.