The bump with the Day’s Pylon will cause several changes of conflicts in the family and social relationship’s zone, especially in those related to life partner or the opposite sex. According to 2012 Feng Shui, it is said that people born in the Dragon’s Year upset the Great Duck. Therefore, it is recommended for them to wear a pendant of a Cock.

Bu Dragon confronting Dragon doesn’t only upsets the Great Duck, but also creates self-punishment. According to 2012 Feng Shui art, it is said that people born in the Dragon’s Year can meet complications and lack of harmony in the relationships area. Examples of people born in the Dragon’s year are: Sandra Bullock, Putin, Tom Jones, Liam Nelson, Sarah Palin and examples of people born in the Dragon’s Day are: Kristen Stewart, Steve Jobs, Michael Douglas, Halle Berry, Donald Tsang, Tony Chan.

For people born in the Cock’s Year, Dragon will bring the Romance’s Flower, which means that this year will be more sociable and with many opportunities for starting friendships with those from the opposite sex. As the 2012 Feng Shui shows, people born in the Tiger of Dog’s Year will be in the Traveller Horse’s Year. That is why they will make many journeys and changes, thing that will lead them to much more new acquaintances.

Feng Shui energies change every year. Therefore, it’s necessary for us to try a reallocation of good and bad energies at the beginning of every year, in order to be cautious if a negative energy invades a special are for us. In the Dragon’s year, the negative energy comes to the south-east, and it is called the Five Gold Coins which symbolize obstacles and mischance. If an important room for you, related to relationships it’s situated at the south-east in your home, as the bedroom or an entrance, it is recommended for you to hang here metal bells in order to dissolve this negative energy.

2012 Feng Shui reveals that the worst months from this year will be April, October and December, including the first month of January, next year. Another negative star, star number 2, which symbolizes illness will get in north in 2012. The traditional way to dissolve this number two star is hanging a necklace made out of six metal coins in the north side of your home. The Great Duck is placed in the south-east this year, so it’s not appropriate for you to dig or build houses in this area.

Also, according to 2012 Feng Shui, it is not recommended for you to sit back to the south, due to the fact that this way you’ll be against unfavorable energies so called The three killers. North-west is the Crashed Position, against the Great Duck and also, this position is not good. Negative star, number 3 represents a conflict and also theft’s star. This is represented in the south-west inside your home, according to 2012 Feng Shui. It is necessary for you to put a piece of red paper in this position, in order to minimize its bad influence. Negative star number 7, which represents fights, is situated in the North-West. The traditional solution for it is to put three bamboo plants which grow in a glass vase full of water in the north-west direction. That is how 2012 Feng Shui helps you get rid of negative aspects that may occur in your life.