In order to obtain quality information, a traditional Feng Shui analysis needs data and correct and real information.
When you order a consultancy it’s necessary for you to provide the following information:
-exact year when the building was made
-the cadastral plan or a copy of it from the place you’re living in or the commercial space you’re working in. The plan must fit to what’s on the field the moment you ask for consultancy.
-birthday of the people who occupy the place, meaning date, month, day, hour
-you must know exactly what you want from the Feng Shui consultancy
The fee of the Feng Shui consultancy:
At the end of the first meeting, the client must pay a 30% advance from the total cost of the consultation.
*after the payment of the advance and starting the work for the Feng Shui consultation, the advance cannot be given back
*if the client has paid an advance and for certain reasons he gives up to the Feng Shui analysis, he won’t get back the advance
The moment when the Feng Shui Expertise Report is delivered, the client is obligated to pay the rest of the 70% from the value of the consultation. If the client doesn’t want to pay, then the analysis is not being handed to him and the advance is being considered as a payment for the work from the consultation.
If you want to order a Feng Shui consultation, please complete the Consultancy Form.
In order to establish a meeting, you can contact us at: 0727 06 06 70 – Valentina Ciupitu or 076 00 11 988 – Florian Ciupitu