In the oriental philosophy, the chi energy represents the heart of anything that exists in the Universe. It admits that there is vital force out there that moves on established trajectories. The oriental countries recognize this chi energy and have even attributed several names. In Japan we’re talking about ki, in China is chi and in India prana. Philosophies tell us that the chi energy is kept in the calm and nice floating waters (shui) and it’s taken all over by the wind (feng).

Symbols of life in Feng Shui

Life has a symbol and this one is chi. Gentle breezes that circulate in a room, open space or a strong current that we feel as a brutal pale of wind that hits us is also called chi energy. We can also feel it when we pass through a corridor between two high buildings. If the corridor is long then the air current which stops us from going ahead, is big. It happens many times for us to say “Uh, what current is on this corridor”.

Attract beautiful things in your home

Everything that’s beautiful in the nature gives us energy and makes us more alive. Think about a beautiful flower, a mountain landscape, a new car, about everything that’s beautiful. When you buy a new car you feel joy and a pleasant state.
We can find beauty and pleasure in those songs that make our ear happier and make us live nice, romantic moments. Through its work, Mihai Eminescu created energy around his poems. We can find chi in the sensational smell of the sponge cake that’s made in our grandparent kitchen.
Learn about the chi energy and the rest of the base principles from Feng Shui by attending the traditional Feng Shui course.