Use Feng Shui in your house

When we talk about a house, we understand a “court house”, meaning the space where you actually live and the garden behind the house. Also, there are houses that do not have a garden or have one, but it’s too small.
The consultancy and research cabinet from Arta Feng Shui Romania helps you and offers you support in order to make your life more beautiful through the traditional Feng Shui consultancies related to your house and garden as well.

If you had a Feng Shui consultance, you would be the one to gain

Do you see a Feng Shui consultance as an intellectual investment? If you do, then you have a lot to gain. You can search and find out what kind of energies are in your house, what type of combinations realize these energies and what kind of energies come inside your house.
Have recently purchased a land or do you own one from a long time and now you’ve decided to build on it the house of your dreams? Do you wonder how Feng Shui might help you? Then things are easier than you thought. You can find out how to set up your house, how to arrange the bedrooms, the living room, the staircase. What about the wine cellar? Do you know where should it be? Now you can find which zone from the house is more appropriate for it. Since your wife or girlfriend wants want to know what colors should be walls painted in, but specially how to arrange the furniture, maybe it’s time for you to ask an opinion from the specialists in traditional Feng Shui.

What energies should you take into consideration, according to the Feng Shui rules?

-natural and urban landscape
-each zone and spot from the house
-each person’s energy

Ways of arrangement according to the Feng Shui rules

• Main entrance
• Kitchen
• Study and relaxation room
• Bathroom and external environment

You can ask for complete traditional Feng Shui evaluations for house and garden, or for only one of these. You can find all these information in the Feng Shui Expertise Report for a individual house – written and detailed report which represents the analysis conclusions and necessary remedies.
Do you consider necessary a Feng Shui evaluation for an individual house?