Important contribution of great masters in the Feng Shui art.
Inventing the Luo Pan compass by a Feng Shui Master
Master Yao Yan Han met an old man in a cave. This man gave him a book with the secret formula of Feng Shui, which made the emperor get scared. Giving this fear, the emperor takes his secret formula and makes a monk write another book called “Killing the barbarians”. This book contained wrong information about the real Feng Shui knowledge. Therefore, the wrong information got spread, generating confusions about the Feng Shui study.
There were many rumors about master Yao; either he got killed by the emperor or he got rescued by Master Yang Yun Sung, a librarian from the imperial court who lately took the secret book about Feng Shui. It it said that this librarian has read the book and ultimately became the most famous teacher in the Feng Shui history.
Master Yang Yun Sung
-the information that master Yang Yun Sung shared was partial and encrypted. Therefore, there were few people who could understand for real the words he said. That is why more branches have been developed when considering Feng Shui.
Maestrul Lai Po Yee
(961-1277 after Chris), the Sung dynasty invented the ring from Luo Pan, called “Human’s plaque”
Maestrul Chiang Tai Sung
(1368-1644 after Christ) the most influent master in the history wrote the book called “Debating and checking Feng Shui theories”. This way he attacks San Ke School, meaning the School of the three harmonies and encourages the San Yuen School, considering the last one the most appropriate for Feng Shui. Also, master Chiang Tai Sung reveals the formula of the replacing star.
Maestrul Sam Chuk Yin
(1848-1906 after Christ) –He writes a book: “The flying stars belonging to Master Sam”, which is nowadays being considered as a Bible for the Feng Shui school. That is how Master Sam Chuk Yin explains very clearly the theory of the flying stars.
Have you ever read a book written by a Feng Shui Master? Have you ever been interested in learning more about Feng Shui history?